On TV: Fall 2012 Season

It’s that time of year again. Every September, my Summer shows start to air their finales, and my Fall shows warm up their premieres. Over the past four years, I’ve honed my Fall schedule to 20-24 hours of weekly scripted television. Reality TV is not my thing.

New to my schedule this Fall: Revolution, The Mob Doctor, Vegas, Elementary, 666 Park Avenue, and Last Resort.

RevolutionI reviewed this one earlier. J.J. Abrams tells a good story. There’s a mystery that I’d like to see solved in Revolution. Even with the mixed reaction among the critics, I’m in for the season.

The Mob Doctor – Why I’m interested: I need a TV doctor show to replace House. After seeing the premiere last week, I suppose this fits the bill. The double-life of Jordana Spiro is an interesting plot device. However, I’d probably agree with critics that the plot twists are a little too cut-and-dry. The net morality of her situation sat absolutely even at the end of the show. I was hoping for something a little dirtier.

Vegas – Why I’m interested: Michael Chiklis. The Commish gets to play a true gangster this time. It’s like Vic Mackey unleashed in old school Vegas. As long as CBS doesn’t shackle the writers by keeping him ‘PG,’ I’d buy in for the whole season.

Elementary – Why I’m interested: Sherlock (BBC), and Sherlock (Hollywood). The deck is stacked pretty heavily against this show. The only thing it has going for it is Lucy Liu as a female Watson. Sherlock Holmes is a bit of a hero to me – specifically Benedict Cumberbacht’s version. He says what we all wish we could say (let alone notice). On the character alone, I’ll give this one a chance.

666 Park Avenue – Why I’m interested: John Locke (Terry O’Quinn). On the strength of his acting alone, I’ll watch this show. I’m not really in the market for a sexy supernatural horror/thriller right now. I have American Horror Story for that.

Last Resort – Why I’m interested: Andre Braugher. Some have called this “LOST with a submarine.” It might be, but I’m hoping it’ll be something more. I’m a fan of military dramas (like The Unit), and a fan of political intrigue. This show seems to have them both in spades. Also: Jessy Schram.

So that’s my Fall 2012 new TV roundup. I’ll be back later this week with a rundown of my returning shows – if I find time between work, sleep, and TV.

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